The Mind Index: Oregon Encyclopedia and Wikipedia

Some observations about the Oregon Encyclopedia and Wikipedia.

  • Number of articles to be written for Oregon Encyclopedia: nearly 3000
  • Number of Wikipedia articles currently monitored by WikiProject Oregon: 5782
  • Number that are bigger/better-sourced than mere “stubs”: 2258
  • Fundraising target for Oregon Encyclopedia: $1 million to $2 million
  • Annual budget for Wikimedia Foundation (covering Wikipedia in many languages, and many other projects): $4.6 million
  • Number of articles in Oregon Encyclopedia, as of mid-April: 27
  • Number of Wikipedia articles relating to Oregon assessed as “Good articles” or better, as of mid-April: 39
  • Number of editorial board members, Oregon Encyclopedia: 22
  • Number of highly active WikiProject Oregon editors: 13 (total number: 50)
  • Number of times the Oregon State Capitol Wikipedia article was viewed on the day it was featured on Wikipedia’s front page: 22,200
  • Number of daily edits to Oregon-related Wikipedia articles: hundreds

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