Get out there and “get out the vote”!

Monsoon warrior, Nov. \'06
So I doubt I need to remind any of my Oregon readers to vote before Tuesday, y’all being such an engaged group. But, not everybody is as engaged as you! These next few days, be sure to remind your friends to get their ballots in, and help your favorite candidate(s) get their message out to last-minute voters. The warm weather will make “get out the vote” (GOTV) events much more fun than in years past (see picture…though, that was actually a blast)

The Bus Project does an excellent job of GOTV in a non-partisan way. They will be having a volunteer event and BBQ tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am. We’ll also be waving signs at commuters on Monday and Tuesday. So, jump in the fray! Events like this are a great way to get to know the Bus Project and get your feet wet with local politics. Remember, if all you do is send in your ballot, you only get one vote — but if your friends and neighbors trust your opinion, you can get many more just by talking to them!


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