Oregon.gov: What’s wrong with this picture?

screen capture of SB10 pageSenate bill error message

There’s all kinds of good info on Oregon’s official web site, right? Yes, there is. But can you find it? How about your grandmother, or your grandson? How about the web searcher’s best friend, Google — can it manage to index the info so it shows up in searches? Is it easy to cite in a Wikipedia article? Can I, a blogger, even show you, my readers, where it is?

The answer to all these questions is, essentially, “no.”

Take, for instance, the summary page for Senate Bill 10, mentioned here in an earlier blog post. I would have liked to link Oregon.gov’s overview page on the bill, so you could learn about the bill yourself. It has lots of links to various versions of the bill, amendments, the minority report, etc. (See screen capture above.) But I wasn’t able to link to it; the page that showed up when I simply copied the page’s address was an error message.

If you want to see the page below (after the jump), you’ll have to go through most of the same steps I did: go to Oregon.gov, navigate to the legislative page, find the search box, and then enter “Senate Bill”, “10”, and “2007 session” into it.

So, pop quiz: in the year 2008, what’s wrong with this picture? No, strike that. How many things that couldn’t be addressed by a reasonably technical high school student, for a few hundred bucks, are wrong with this picture?

Here’s the page I’d have liked to be able to link to:

Senate Bill 10

Senate Amendments ( html | pdf )

A-Engrossed ( html | pdf )

Senate Amendments to A-Engrossed ( html | pdf )

B-Engrossed ( html | pdf )

House Amendments to B-Engrossed ( html | pdf )

( html | pdf )

C-Engrossed ( html | pdf )

Minority Report C-Engrossed ( html | pdf )

Enrolled ( html | pdf )

Introduced ( html | pdf )

SB 10 By Senators BROWN, COURTNEY, Representative MERKLEY; Senator MORRISETTE (Presession filed.) — Relating to government ethics; and declaring an emergency.
01/08 (S) Introduction and first reading. Referred to President’s desk.
01/08 (S) Referred to Rules, then Ways and Means.
01/11 (S) Public Hearing held.
01/18 (S) Public Hearing held.
01/25 (S) Public Hearing held.
02/01 (S) Public Hearing held.
02/08 (S) Public Hearing held.
02/22 (S) Public Hearing held.
03/21 (S) Public Hearing held.
03/23 (S) Work Session held.
04/05 (S) Recommendation: Do pass with amendments and be referred to Ways and Means by prior reference. (Printed A-Eng.)
04/05 (S) Referred to Ways and Means by prior reference.
05/01 (S) Assigned to Subcommittee On General Government.
05/10 (S) Public Hearing held.
06/12 (S) Work Session held.
06/12 (S) Returned to Full Committee.
06/15 (S) Work Session held.
06/18 (S) Recommendation: Do pass with amendments to the A-Eng. bill. (Printed B-Eng.)
06/19 (S) Second reading.
06/20 (S) Third reading. Carried by Brown. Passed. Ayes, 25; Nays, 4–Beyer, George, G., Kruse, Nelson; Absent, 1–Starr.
06/20 (S) Johnson declared potential conflict of interest.
06/20 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker’s desk.
06/20 (H) Referred to Elections, Ethics and Rules.
06/24 (H) Work Session held.
06/26 (H) Recommendation: Do pass with amendments and be printed C-Engrossed.
06/26 (H) Minority Recommendation: Do pass with amendments and be printed C-Engrossed.
06/26 (H) Amendments distributed.
06/26 (H) Rules suspended. Second reading.
06/27 (H) Motion to substitute Minority Report for Committee Report failed. Ayes, 29; Nays, 31–Barker, Barnhart, Beyer, Bonamici, Boone, Buckley, Cannon, Clem, Cowan, Dingfelder, Edwards C., Edwards D., Galizio, Gelser, Greenlick, Holvey, Hunt, Komp, Kotek, Macpherson, Nathanson, Nolan, Read, Riley, Roblan, Rosenbaum, Schaufler, Shields, Tomei, Witt, Mr. Speaker.
06/27 (H) Committee Report adopted. Ayes, 33; Nays, 26–Berger, Boquist, Bruun, Burley, Butler, Cameron, Dallum, Esquivel, Flores, Garrard, Gilliam, Girod, Hanna, Jenson, Krieger, Krummel, Lim, Maurer, Minnis, Morgan, Nelson, Olson, Richardson, Scott, Thatcher, Whisnant; Absent, 1–Gilman.
06/27 (H) Third reading. Carried by Mr. Speaker. Passed. Ayes, 40; Nays, 18–Berger, Boquist, Butler, Cameron, Esquivel, Garrard, Gilliam, Girod, Hanna, Jenson, Krieger, Krummel, Maurer, Morgan, Olson, Smith G., Thatcher, Whisnant; Absent, 2–Gilman, Minnis.
06/27 (S) Senate concurred in House amendments and repassed bill. Ayes, 27; Nays, 2–Beyer, Kruse; Absent, 1–George, L.
07/09 (S) President signed.
07/12 (H) Speaker signed.
07/31 (S) Governor signed.
08/03 (S) Chapter 877, 2007 Laws.
08/03 (S) Effective date, July 31, 2007.

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