But what do you call it??!

Is it a bike? A landboat?


6 Responses to “But what do you call it??!”

  1. Whatever it is, it’s kind of cool – full-body workout AND transportation! And yet, as a woman, I can’t really imagine making that motion repeatedly in public while wearing Lycra. It just doesn’t seem like it could possibly be connotation-free.

  2. Well, then maybe this version is for you. Though I must admit, “woman” is not the word its shape brings to mind…

  3. And you know, now that I think about it…as a man, the possibility of a front-end wreck is particularly horrifying…

  4. stevenwalling Says:

    A totally ridiculous design? I can’t get with any mode of transportation that looks like that much work. I’d rather walk :)

  5. Looks really fun! Looks like he’s going really fast! All connotations aside, I’d try one out on a long enough stretch of road. 6 mile abs.

  6. “6 mile abs” — is that your proposed name for it? Not bad!

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